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Video of modification of Basic HY No's 1 & 2 level 1 

Here are the modifications as shown on the workshop and in classes recently.. 

Hun Yuan Qi Gong Moving Forward 2011-12

On my recent training trip to China I worked privately on Master Ma's Hun Yuan 8 Tai Chi form. This is a bridging form into the longer forms of the 21 and the 26. Effectively this form can be practiced for optimal health and strength. This form serves as the perfect introduction to form practice and essentially acts as a short form that can be learned by anyone of any fitness level.


For anyone wanting to pursue the peak performance and the martial aspects aspects of this set then there is an opportunity to do this also. 

By practicing the 8 one can achieve optimum length and elasticity of connective tissue. The Hun Yuan quality of movement and the evolution in ones body of progressive spiral motion promotes the deep circulation of body fluids essential to joint health. 

New Curriculum for 2011-12 for the London studio is as follows:

Hun Yuan Qi Gong level 1 and level 2 Classes will be studied in weekly class and in workshop format. 

The Hun Yuan 8 form will also be studied twice weekly starting from September and will be offered in workshops also .

Monday 7.30 pm Hun Yuan Level 1 alternating weekly between movements 1-5 and 6-10

Monday 8.30 pm Hun Yuan Tai Chi 8 form  

Tuesday 7.30pm Hun Yuan level alternating weekly between movements 1-5 and 6-10

Wednesday 7.30pm Hun Yuan level 2 working through movements 1-10 Intermediate advanced ( please ask for cost of this class )  

Wednesday 8.30pm Hun Yuan Tai Chi 8 form 


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