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The Buddha was a Consummate Scientist The video link is to a conference labelled. "The emerging Science of Consciousness".  ( They still open this conference with understanding how the brain works instead of how consciousness works ) that statement tells you off the bat that what we call science is still embedded in materialism. The other aspect that bothers me is when science and the military industrial complex highjack the mindfulness training and misuse the technique.

There are 8 stages of Mindfulness expressed in Buddhist teaching  leading to the calm state and being the experience of emptiness and bliss. The pay off is to realize the impermanent and empty nature of the mind. The ethical benefits are that one can become spontaneously compassionate and have ability to be free


Go to 50 minutes to get her take !  Is this an Inappropriate use of Buddhist based techniques ??

Much too polite and naive reply form Kabat- Zinn. In my opionion, WAR is not compatible with mindfulness. Teaching soldiers mindfulness will indeed make them better Killers. It will not alter their perception to killing or make them better people. They are conditioned to kill and any study would merely mean that they can mitigate stress on site on the field. These guys will still be as messed up by brutality they are witness too. Mindfulness needs to be taught to Senators and Politicians to lessen the knee jerk recations that their conditionung affiords them. Does anyone really think that the Department of Defense is interested in the mental health of soldiers. They want soldiers not to break, if it helps keep them on the front line then so be it.

The lady on this panel is Amishi Jha, Principal Investigator Associate Professor of Psychology and Director of Contemplative Neuroscience, Mindfulness Research & Practice Initiative, University of Miami. Her research focuses on the brain bases of attention, working memory, and mindfulness-based training. She has a grant form the dept of Defense in the USA to bring mindfulness to war !!

Mindfulness goes to War. Contemplative neuroscience is being used to promote resilience in high stress cohorts on the battlefield by strengthening the brain’s attention networks. the ethical implications, the reaction from traditional Buddhist teachers and from from vets who’ve practiced mindfulness on the battlefield. ( One would hope that if your really did that, that soldiers would not fight economic wars for the elite and walk away)

Amisha Jha makes a Fuax Pas, easy to make even for a professor. She says that the mind is the body !! This is understandable when viewed from a psychological perspectives say regarding on psycho-somatic illness. The mind is body and visa versa, at one time I accepted this myself. !! The way she describes mind as the brain is interesting. 

In both Buddhism and Taoism The view is that the mind is not body but it does of course interact with the body. This really changes the debate. But the problem with some academics is that they are not realized teachers. They remain addicted to their story. 

Mindfulness is a part of what Buddhists and Taoists, have been doing for many centuries. Taoists sought to commune with the Tao, the state that cannot be named or limited by concepts or description. The Buddhists meditate to liberate oneself from cyclic existence integrate with the natural mind beyond concept. 

This is enough from me. Super Soldiers and Mindfulness are strange bedfellows for sure  !!



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