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Is your body (Mind ) fit for what you want it to do.

Working with your Limitations

Is your Body (Mind) fit for what you want it to do. 

I see in a weekly basis people struggling through a lack of range if motion, tension, poor posture, unhealthy obsession with looks, exercise neurosis and of course the Cognitive Dissonance of having a body at all ( Denial of the body ) This has motivated in me the wish to help others see through this delusional veil, the self induced yet media fed landfill that inhabits our existence and to free up the body in the smartest way. This freeing up process can seriously reflect well on consciousness itself. 

Having a body is arguably the greatest obstacle to that freedom, over the years i chose to research as best I could  within my chosen field and also into other disciplines and approaches of movement, whether is hands on bodywork or self directed bodywork performance led movement, It’s ALL BODY . I have developed a certain curiosity as to how our limitations our greatest asset play out over supposed time and offer the best opportunity for inhabiting a body that is free and healthful. 

NUMBER ONE is to help people identify, feel and change negative patterns. NOT negative in the sense of good or bad. On a physical level to actually WAKE UP the nerves and release locked up vertebrae and clogged visceral tissue. That is an art that runs deep. A body that runs deep and an ability to feel Deep and the RELAX and then LET GO means you are now ready to move. Clean Out the engine and then road test yourself. This is the smart way to work.

Is what you are learning stripping away the non essential, meaning the physical, emotional and mental debris from your consciousness. In fact what is your motivation or purpose in doing anything. A dear friend of mine John Osborne Hughes describes the motivation regarding the art of acting as a method to raise the consciousness of humanity. This I think can be applied universally to everything .

How to apply and Identify what your strengths are and identify what you weaknesses are!

We are SO conditioned by our life history, ( we are encouraged by society that everything is real and exists independently of us, yet it  only seems to exist because our consciousness interacts with objects of our attention !! ) Our Historical story really does not exist in this moment other than a resonant feeling, which again we think is real and we make it a permanent self labeling tool  enslave ourselves  ( this comes as a is visceral and body sensation, which again we attach importance too ) There is only this moment and this breath. Whatever is in your immediate field of consciousness could really be the last thing you ever see, so WAKE UP right now and rest in an Open awareness. Determine to stay in that awareness and accept whatever arises in it without judging. 

Now go and FACILITATE your own body consciousness ( working with all that is inside the skin bag you call I.  Use the imparted tools and  model to illuminate and help you to dissolve those weak links in your body continuum. Go well and be curious  ( It did not kill the Cat )  CRC © May 2015


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Is your body (Mind ) fit for what you want it to do.


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