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What is NEI GONG? in brief


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Nei Gong, (NG) often translated as Internal effort/work, is a mind led methodology of training the body from the inside out. It is direct, you gain a deep control of your body. It is an INTERNAL EXERCISE, in contrast to mere muscular or cosmetic exercise. NG works at the levels of, ligaments organs and bone.

 NG is an approach to working with the Body and its inherent life force, producing an nterface with the mind and nervous system which an experiential precursor to what science today calls nuero-plasticty. This approach has been heavily influenced by Taoist philosophical thinking.

 By cultivating impeccable balance, internal alignments, deep diaphramatic breathing and a concentrated mind the practitioner rids the body of unnecessary tension and in the process creates a functional body capable of great power expressed in a fluidly effortless way through what is essentially a core led process. ( Similar but not exactly the same as Western core training )

 This nei gong approach is the foundation of arts such as Tai Chi Chuan. Genuine Tai Chi belies its outer appearance of softness and one can easily underestimate the true capabilities of the practitioner who can issue great force where necessary. Hidden power if you like.

 In actuality a Nei Gong practitioner must not focus on feelings of strength or the outward appearance, nor of being superior to others, or of being concerned with what others think . nor of winning. In fact thought, tension or feeling anything that gets in the way of spontaneous expression is going the exactly opposite direction to where a NG practice can take you.

 If one really gets the message of NG one can have an exercise that makes you feel great after practice being both energized and focused, not wired and anxious. Actual effort in NG training is conjoined with awareness and relaxation.



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